Rhodes Island

rhodes island

Rhodes is situated at the south Aegean in Mediterranean Sea and is the third largest of the Greek islands. The island has fabulous beaches, fine weather (the best sunshine record in Greece), friendly people and fantastic scenery. Being at the meeting point of three continents (Europe Asia and Africa), combines the worldliness of Europe with the mystery of orient. This geographical position has been a contributory factor in the development of the island. Ancient cities, a medieval town with its castle, small villages and beaches are all found on Rhodes. It is one of the most developed islands in the Mediterranean and provides visitors with every holiday amenity including large and modern hotels of international standards, yachting, harbor, golf court, entertaining night life, casino and sport facilities. The international airport of Rhodes connects the island with direct flights to major international cities and other Aegean islands.


Theologos (Tholos)

Tholos, also called Theologos, is a unique combination of a colorful traditional village and a not bustling resort. A sprinkling of shops, tavernas, bars and restaurants can be found around the hotels and apartments. Its' excellent beach can be breezy – an ideal place for windsurfers. The traditional way of life is still widely practiced in the village itself, and you should expect a very warm welcome from the friendly people living there.
You should not miss to visit the picturesque church of Agios Spiridonas, with its' lovely white bell tower. The old centre of Tholos is built in traditional Rhodian style. With tall shuttered buildings and narrow streets, Tholos (Theologos) village in Rhodes is a delight to wander through.


Places to go

Monte Smith

The hill is named for the English Admiral Sir Sidney Smith, who used the site as a lookout post for keeping watch on Napoleon’s fleet, during the French war with the Turks. As stands to reason, the view is superb. We can gaze out over the town and the castle, the nearby islands and the coast of Turkey. The best time to go is in the evening, towards sun set, when the sun sinking in a blaze of crimson makes a spectacle not to be missed.


Epta Piges (Seven Springs)

An attractive green gorge, where springs which never dry, even in the height of summer, form a little lake. The reservoir may be reached through a tunnel which is also used by the water.



The peak of Mt. Filerimos was the site of the acropolis of Ialysos and it was used by both Byzantines and Knights for military purposes. The hill itself takes its name from a monk who arrived here in the 13th century bearing an icon of Our Lady painted, as tradition goes, by St Luke. The chapel he built later became a full-scale basilica and on top of that, the Knights built a monastery of Our Lady in the 15th century.


Valley of butterflies

A green streambed, which as you will see, has ample reason for attracting the thousands of visitors who come to see it each year. The butterflies are present from June to September, and belong to the species “Callimorpha Quadripunctaria”. They live wherever they can find the storax (Liquidibar Orientalis) trees with their characteristic strong scent, produced by a kind of resin.



A visit to Lindos is an unforgettable experience. The atmosphere of the village, whether you enjoy it from high on the acropolis with its view over the ocean, the island and the two natural harbors, or in its narrow lanes with their taste of the old culture of the Aegean, provides an incomparable rest from the rush and bustle of the “civilization”.



Prasonisi is the southernmost point of Rhodes island. The small island is connected with the big Rhodes island with a sand spit. When the water is high, the spit is covered by water. Thus, depending on the season, it can be Prasonisi island or Prasonisi cape. This small geographical miracle we have here in Rhodes.



Monolithos is a small village at a distance of about 10 Km South East of Apolakia and 30 Km from Prasonisi. Worth seing is the Venetian castle of Monolithos, just outside the village on a 300 feet rock. From the base of the hill one has to continue by foot up the narrow pathway with steps of the Castle. On the top of the rock there is a small church dedicated to Saint Panteleimon. Also of interest and beauty is the small and peacefull pebble beach of Fourni below Monolithos.



Wonderful coastline views with golf course (18 holes).



Here there were medicinal springs ( no longer in operation ) which a few years ago were popular with devotees of this form of therapy. The installations are under reconstruction but there is good swimming to be had in the nearby coves.



Faliraki resort is very high profile. Its main attraction is its vibrant nightlife. From a small fishing village just 20 years ago, the town is now a major resort with big numbers of hotels, apartments, bars, restaurants, nightclubs and shops. The beach on Faliraki bay holds the BLUE FLAG AWARD. It is the most popular beach on the island and is great for water sports with the biggest Water Park in Greece.



The Old Town of Rhodes is a bustling neighborhood of some 5.000 people, who live and work in the same buildings in which the Knights of St John lived six centuries ago. As a living monument to the past it must be nearly unique in Europe, if not the world. Step back in time as you walk on the castle walls in the Old Town of Rhodes.